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Picture of Elizabeth Miner

Elizabeth Miner

I’m the Owner and Creative Director of Silvermine Creative, providing captivating design, language, & brand identities for visionary people and projects. I’m a digital nomad, wife, and mom of two little boys. I love exploring the wilderness, artistic projects of all kinds, and a good cocktail.


Three Considerations for Rebranding

Man stares at a laptop, hating his branding.

You’re doing it again. Staring blankly at your branding. Something is just OFF about it.

You LOVED your branding when you started out, so it’s extra frustrating when people constantly mistake your business for something it’s not, or don’t “get” your logo, or bring up your competitor when you tell them what you do.

If that sounds like the story of your life, it’s likely that you got hung up on a brand idea that resonated with you, but didn’t successfully translate into something captivating and clear for your intended audience.

If you’re thinking of going back to the drawing board on your brand, here are three important areas that I’ve found are essential to getting right.

  1. Focus on what your ideal customer is looking for, rather than just what your business means to you. You have to signal to them through your branding that you are what THEY are seeking – in, like, two seconds.
  2. Trot out all of your fabulous ideas, but plan to ultimately let go of your attachment to 90% of those ideas in order to let the very best ones shine. (It can be VERY challenging to find that objectivity about your own business – it certainly was for me!)
  3. Make sure your execution is ON POINT. Do the colors play nicely together, and evoke the intended emotional response? Is your text readable at a glance, whether its big or small? Do all the elements work in harmony, or are they competing with each other? Do you have the right file types for print, for web, for branded products? (Yes, they’re all different.)

Chances are, you already have a winning idea for your branding, but you need the help of an experienced designer to tease out that winning concept, ruthlessly edit it to perfection, and give it the high quality execution it deserves.

Silvermine Creative specializes in brand identities that are both captivating and clear, so businesses can stand tall amidst the competition and become the natural choice for their audience. (With the right ally, the branding process can be transformative, and even fun!)

Man on a bridge, smoky sunset

Scenery & Smoke | Crescent Bar, Washington

Washington state has such a huge variety of landscapes, climates, wildlife – it’s incredibly inspiring. The smoke rolled in on the second morning of our stay at Crescent Bar, on Wanapum Lake and the Columbia River.

Congratulations. You're officially done messing around. (Elizabeth Miner raising a toast.)

Done Messing Around

I love it when a new client decides, right there on our first call, that they want Silvermine Creative for their design or branding project. It tells me they are DONE MESSING AROUND.