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Picture of Elizabeth Miner

Elizabeth Miner

I’m the Owner and Creative Director of Silvermine Creative, providing captivating design, language, & brand identities for visionary people and projects. I’m a digital nomad, wife, and mom of two little boys. I love exploring the wilderness, artistic projects of all kinds, and a good cocktail.


Scenery & Smoke | Crescent Bar, Washington

Man on a bridge, smoky sunset

I sure do love that man.

And this place. Washington state has such a huge variety of landscapes, climates, wildlife – it’s incredibly inspiring. The smoke rolled in on the second morning of our stay at Crescent Bar, on Wanapum Lake and the Columbia River. It definitely made us sad, and a little anxious. We didn’t let it stop us from soaking up the incredible beauty of this place.

Three Considerations for Rebranding

You’re doing it again. Staring blankly at your branding. Something is just OFF about it. You LOVED your branding when you started

Congratulations. You're officially done messing around. (Elizabeth Miner raising a toast.)

Done Messing Around

I love it when a new client decides, right there on our first call, that they want Silvermine Creative for their design or branding project. It tells me they are DONE MESSING AROUND.