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There are a lot of designers out there. Not many of them combine a passion for vision-driven marketing with a commitment to the fundamental principles of great design.

You’re conscientious, and you’ve built a business with integrity. You know that it takes the right creative professional to reveal your hard work and superior quality. Someone with an efficient, collaborative work process that unites creativity and strategy. An ally who will take the time to really understand you and your business, and be in your corner for the long haul.

I’m Elizabeth Miner, founder and creative director at Silvermine Creative. I’m a designer, content creator, and branding specialist with more than a decade of diverse marketing experience. I’ve had the honor of working with a wide range of clients, from small businesses to international non-profits and major universities. I provide my clients with the tools to sell their work – everything from premium one-to-one services to multi million-dollar projects – with confidence, polish, and pride.

Even so, you may not see exactly what you’re looking for in my portfolio. That’s actually a really good thing! I wouldn’t want the work I do for you to look like anything I’ve done before, because you represent a unique company with a singular mission and brand.

What I do hope you’ll see is imagination, versatility, attention to detail, and a passion for creating beautiful things for people I believe in.

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